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  History Book

History Book.  This is a short history of Nayland and Wiston including the following chapters:  Nayland's industries and trades, Schools, Churches, Medical and other services, River, road, and railways, Social pursuits, Personal and family reminiscences. There is a  walk around guide and map at the back. Written by Denis Halliday, Rosemary Knox, Wendy Sparrow, Keith Worricker and Karen Warren - people who know and love the village and surrounding countryside.


Memories.  This book provides a picture of Nayland in the twentieth century through the memories of some of its residents. It is a record of the author's conversations over a period of many years with members of some of Nayland's oldest families. It also records the Conservation Society's activities since its formation in 1974.

  Nayland Photographs Old photos.  Some fascinating old photos from Nayland and Wiston which show the history and character of people and places. This is a perfect present for anyone who likes to reminisce or who wants to know what life was like as early as 1860. The pictures are delightful.  
  Nayland Walk

Walk around guide. A small book of intricate detailed descriptions with photographs and drawings of the oldest and most interesting of the timber framed houses and pubs. The church and mill are also mentioned. Nayland is one of the best preserved late-medieval villages in Britain, and this booklet is ideal for anyone wanting to know more; to understand what lies behind the architectural veneer, and to learn something of the history of the village. Easy to read and clear directions.

  Tea Towels

Tea Towel.  The tea towel designed by Richard Bawden shows some well known and well-loved features of Nayland, including ancient carvings (such as the green man in the roof of St. James' Church and window sill of the oriel window at Alston Court) and the topiary in the high street. The design was so successful and popular last year that we decided to print some more.

  Nash Paintings

Postcards and Greetings Cards.   The scene of Nayland and surrounding countryside was painted by John Nash when he lived with his brother, Paul, in Wormingford after the first world war. The view  is from Gravel Hill and looks towards  Windy Ridge , the other side of the valley, in Essex, with St. James' Church with its original tower (exaggeratedly high) and houses in the foreground. The cedar trees in the centre of the picture were destroyed by the hurricane in 1987.   Much of the style of the village has not changed since John Nash's days in the 1920s.