The Friends of St. Jamesís Church

Facts About The Friends

Registered Charity No. 1052641

Who are The Friends?

We are an association of people, not necessarily regular church attendees, who love St. James's and who want to preserve its beauty, fabric, furniture and churchyard. We are interested in the history, life and work of this Church and are anxious to maintain its historic presence within the village.

Why does our church need The Friends?

The annual income of Nayland Church barely covers the normal maintenance of the building. It cannot meet the ongoing need for restoration work which is required if St. James's is to continue to serve its parish and the community in its varied roles.

What do The Friends do?

We have created a fund from subscriptions, donations and fund-raising events from which we contribute to the maintenance and improvement of the fabric of St. James's Church. Each year a report of the previous year s activities and of future needs is sent to Members and the Annual General Meeting is normally held in March each year.

The Friends of St. James' Church, Nayland was formed in 1995. Since that date, and up to the end of 2009, our expenditure on the fabric of St. James' Church has amounted to over £95,000, of which £30,000 went towards the Organ Restoration.

  Work carried out during this period has included:
  • Resurfacing the roof of the tower and renewal of exterior stonework
  • Repairs to the clock and re-gilding of clock face and weathervane
  • Re-leading part of the east window
  • Renewal of the heating and rewiring of the church
  • Installation of a wrought iron gate at the southwest porch
  • Repair of the Churchyard gates
  • Restoration and improvements to the Organ
  • General grants for essential maintenance and repair.
  Further work includes:
  • Improvements to the Churchyard paths
  • Improvements to the lighting of the portrait by Constable.

In 2010, the Members agreed to a change to our Constitution: This enabled the Friends to contribute not only to the repair and maintenance of St. James' but also towards the running costs of the Parish. Sadly, the continuing decline in the financial position of the Parish is likely to mean that the Friends will become responsible for funding all maintenance of St. James' and also some of the running costs necessary to maintain our Parish as it has always been.

More information and membership application forms may be obtained from:

Alan Edwards
Tel 262800

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