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 South Suffolk Broadband
301.Posted:    August 31, 2003 - 05:38 PM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 

South Suffolk Broadband
(Stoke by Nayland   Nayland   Boxford   Leavenheath   Assington   Bures   Stratford St Mary)
Broadband for the Community

After several postponements, East of England Development Agency is expected to announce results of its funding competition on July 23. This will be too late to be reported here but we hope to bring you news next month. (Watch our website for news in the meantime)

Whether SSBB is successful with EEDA or not, we plan to go ahead with a broadband project for the community and all your registrations and questionnaire responses have helped us realise that there is a large amount of pent up demand here for better internet services. Broadband is becoming the standard level of service to which much of the UK is or will be connected and we do not intend this area to be left behind.

The good news for rural communities is that the high levels of demand demonstrated right across East Anglia have had a catalysing effect on suppliers of broadband. BT recently dropped thresholds on some exchanges and put others into its threshold list (not Nayland, alas). At the same time, other providers, notably those supplying wireless networks, are speeding up roll out of commercial services and new companies are joining the fray. This is all good news for potential customers such as SSBB.

Whatever the outcome of EEDA’s competition, we are establishing an executive to move our project ahead. Anyone who has experience or skills to offer   especially in the fields of project management, funding, contracts/law, marketing, telecoms, accounts   please get in contact. We cannot promise much except being part of an exciting community project and, we hope, a sense of achievement at the end.

John Prescott
Stoke by Nayland
(Source: Nayland-with-Wissington Community Times)

More Info ... Contact:  John Prescott     Telephone:  01206 262087
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 Wiston "Wimbledon" - Another Successful Year
302.Posted:    August 31, 2003 - 05:36 PM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 


Saturday, 12th July 2003 - Wiston "Wimbledon"
We had Pimm’s, strawberries, BBQ, a bar & a glorious day weather wise. 144 players took part (128 last year) on 14 courts in Wiston, Nayland, Leavenheath & Polstead. The event has made a provisional £1,920 (2002: £1,639).
Winners: Jan Murray and Maureen Suryavansi
Runners up: Denise and Mark Stanton
Young Adults (17-20 yrs) - 1 court only
Winners: Megan and Ben Newton
Seniors (13-16 yrs)
Winners: Phoebe Walker and Jack Mayhew
Runners up: Rob Murray and Rob Waring
Juniors (12yrs & under)
Winners: Jonathan Carr and James Cunningham
Runners up: Matthew and Sam Heal-Cohen
Third Place: Oliver Tozer and Charlie Goymore

We would like to thank all the court owners without whom this event could not happen and, of course, our enthusiastic tennis players of all ages.

As you can imagine, this event takes a lot of time, effort & people to stage, so the organisers (Louise McKechnie, Caroline Ross-Stewart, Nicola Thorogood & Carol Wright) would like to say a huge thank you to all the individuals (too numerous to mention by name) who have donated/lent items and/or their time to make it a success.

Last but not least, thank you to all our sponsors who were as follows:
Garth Bates, Rushbanks Farm, Wiston - Quality local beef 01206-262350
Roy Chapman (Chartered Surveyor and Estate Agent) 18 High Street, Nayland 01206-262244
Geosynthetic Technology Ltd, The Coach House, Bulmers Farm, Wiston Road, Nayland 01206-262676
I. H. Kerridge, Butcher, 9 Court Street, Nayland 01206-262218
Maria Cass Interiors (Antiques) 15 High Street, Nayland 01206-263929
Nags Building Supplies, Nags Farm, Wiston Road, Nayland 01206-263578
Nayland Post Office, 19 High Street, Nayland 01206-262210
Richard Porter, Tennis Coach 01787-378011 Mobile: 07773-372747
John Rix, P.G.Rix Farms, Wissington 6rove Form, Wiston 01206-262239
The Wine Centre, The Causeway, Great Horkesley 01206-271236
Thanks to your support, we now have enough money for some of our major repairs to St Mary’s. Work on the turret of & re-hanging of the bells is scheduled for early Spring 2004.

Mrs Carol Wright
FSM Secretary
(Source: Nayland-with-Wissington Community Times)

More Info ... Contact:  Mrs Carol Wright     Telephone:  01206-26365
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303.Posted:    August 31, 2003 - 05:30 PM ,    By:    Bill Starling 

As Chairman of the charity The Friends of St Mary’s which raises funds for the fabric of the church in Wiston, I welcome any opportunity to inform interested parties on the objectives and activities of the charity.  On too many occasions, I have heard it said of our events and those of other local organisations, "If only I had known, I would have loved to be there to support you!"  This wonderful website provides us with a new and immediate channel of communication to promote the work of the charity.  It also has the huge advantage of being two-way medium so you can comment on our plans and, hopefully, provide suggestions for our future fundraising efforts.

I congratulate Graham Griffiths, the site’s originator, on having the vision, skill and dedication to develop and realise and I thank him sincerely for providing this invaluable facility to the local community.

Bill Starling
Jane Walker Park

Contact:  Bill Starling
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 Flower Show
304.Posted:    August 26, 2003 - 11:42 AM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 

DISPLAYS of exceptional vegetables, flowers and plants filled Nayland village hall on August 2, guaranteeing another successful show for the horticultural society.
The show attracted a record 460 entries from 45 exhibitors, including several new ones, and a steady stream of visitors all afternoon.

Most successful exhibitor and winner of the Creems Cup for most points in the show was Rosie Bugg of Nayland, whose impressive entries ranged from vegetables and flowers to flower arrangements and jams.

Previous regular winner Mick Bond of Leavenheath was pipped by only two points but was still in top form gaining four trophies and 16 first prizes.

A new class for the worst disaster had 11 entries including blackened tomatoes and unset jam. The winner, showing a misshapen, burnt loaf, was Robert Backhouse of Stoke-by-Nayland.

An additional feature started last Year was an art exhibition with 16 pictures by local amateurs. Visitors chose a black and white sketch of the allotments by Margaret Fogg as their favourite, raising £12 for the Essex Air Ambulance.

Trophy winners were:
Bert Halls Memorial Cup (most points vegetables, Nayland and Wiston residents): Ivan Kerridge.
Kent Blaxill Cup (vegetables, non-residents): Mick Bond.
Olive Willingale Cup (flowers): Mick Bond.
Williams and Griffin Rose Bowl (flower arrangement): Rosie Bugg.
Norah Owen Cup (best dahlia): Mick Bond.
John Oakes Cup (cookery): Rosie Bugg.
Peter Singleton Trophy (best rose): John Stevens.
Ellen Dawe Cup (best photograph): David Green.
Creems Cup (most points in show): Rosie Bugg.
John Dyble Memorial Cup (best fuchsia): Mick Bond.
Gent Cup (children under eight): Sophie Nevard.
Sawyer Cup (nine,14 years): Joseph Reader and Peter Fogarty.
Kerridge Cup (biggest disaster): Robert Backhouse.

(Source: Essex County Standard)

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 Village Players
305.Posted:    August 26, 2003 - 11:42 AM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 

The Nayland-based Village Players have received six nominations from the North East Essex Theatre Guild in its full length play festival and five in the showcase awards.

Nominees in the production of Murder in Play are: best actor, Nick Moriarty; best actress, Mandy Hall; best supporting actress, Abbi Knight and Mary Moriarty; best production and best set.

Babes in the Wood nominees are: best young actor, Samuel Pentney; best young actress, Martha Leahy; accompaniment and original lyrics, Emma Bishton and Sara Bond; best supporting actress, Miranda Cook; Eric Dyster Cup for best children’s play or pantomime.

The awards evening is on September 12 at the Princes Theatre, Clacton, 7pm for 7.30pm.

Anyone who wishes to attend should contact chairman Bryan Smith  on (01206 262430) by August 20.

(Source: Essex County Standard)

More Info ...      Telephone:  01206 262430
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306.Posted:    August 26, 2003 - 11:43 AM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 

Several of our longest serving collectors wish to retire and we are looking for new volunteers to work with them this year with a view to taking over from them next year.

If you would like to be involved in this worthwhile cause, please contact:

James Carver
Poppy Appeal Organiser
Tel: 01206 262970

More Info ... Contact:  James Carver     Telephone:  01206 262970
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307.Posted:    August 26, 2003 - 11:43 AM ,    By:    Graham W Griffiths 


Number of votes cast for each candidate

BADMAN, Alexander John - 233 votes
BATTYE, Gerald William - 406 votes, elected
FULLER, Patricia Claire - 261 votes, elected
GEORGE, Mary - 342 votes, elected
HUNT, Christopher John - 448 votes elected
KNIGHT, Abigail Margaret - 278 votes, elected
KNOX, Rosemary Vesey - 350 votes, elected
MIMPRISS, Elizabeth Lesley - 287 votes, elected
SMITH, Bryan Montague - 309 votes, elected
SPENCER, Raymond Alexander - 314 votes, elected

Vacant Seats: 9,   Electorate: 1003,   Ballot Papers Issued: 588

Patricia Rockhall
Returning Officer

Dated 1st May 2003         (source: Returning Officer’s Statement)

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308.Posted:    August 26, 2003 - 11:52 AM ,    By:     Graham W Griffiths 

NAYLAND WARD (Babergh District Council)

Number of votes cast for each candidate

CAVE, John Richard Browne (Conservative) - 420 votes
HUNT, Christopher John (Liberal Democrate) - 428 votes, elected

Vacant Seats: 1, Electorate: 1582, Ballot Papers Issued: 852

Carol Eileen Wright
Returning Officer

Dated 1st May 2003
(source: Returning Officer’s Statement)

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309.Posted:    September 21, 2003 - 10:28 PM ,    By:     Graham W Griffiths 

Report Nayland with Wissington Parish Assembly 28th April 2003
The Parish Council Chairman Mr G Battye gave a full account of the preceding years work and also paid tribute to local residents without which many of the initiatives would not occur. In particular the work of Mrs W Sparrow the Parish Clerk who often does over and above the requirements of the post, Chris Day the Footpath Warden, Jenny Hoskins Tree Warden, and Mike Almond the Parish Local Recorder, often the behind the scenes work gets submerged in everyday life.
He reminded parishioners that the Parish Council meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the Month (barring December) in the Committee Room of the Village Hall, anyone is welcome to attend.
A general overview of the work reminded people that this year the Parish Council handled over 40 planning applications, including tree planning applications, issues of Traffic Calming, the possible creation of article 4 restrictions to properties in a Conservation Area, developments at the Anchor and Court Knoll, the Stour Navigation proposal and the general every day maintenance of the Parish fabric. So you can see it is a very busy schedule. Achievements have included : the footpath to the seat by the river to commemorate Jubilee year, the Street Fayre, maintenance of village pub, spring bulbs planted, Horkesly lock clearance work, local Scout group successful nomination for Babergh Community award, adoption of PC Code of conduct.
A plea was also made, please can people remember to be considerate when parking in front of people’s houses, or in certain parts of the village. Also reminders to remove wheelie bins when they have been emptied off the footpaths.
Brief Summary of Assembly Meeting
The Parish Annual Assembly held on 28th April at Nayland Village Hall attracted a good turn out, with over 60 residents attending to hear the Chairman’s report and representatives from Babergh and District Council give reports. This Assembly is usually very informative and packed with information which generates questions from the audience. This year was no exception and a lively questioning occurred, leaving council members food for thought and possible action points for the coming year.
The guest speaker this year from Babergh discussing the topic of waste management and the future plans around waste disposal. (Further information can of course be obtained from Babergh). Plans are being taken forward to introduce new bins (in addition to the Black Bins for waste), the blue plastic wheelie bins will be for recyclable materials and the collections will go 2 weekly, the plan is to introduce over the coming months- Summer most likely.
The audience raise obvious questions such as:

• Health issues for delayed waste disposal in summer weather
• What are Babergh’s plans for alternatives to landfill?
• Have there been discussions on incinerators and if so where are the possible sites?
• Why hasn’t there been more local involvement in the planning and decision making?
• What about the elderly and their needs around waste disposal, not everyone has the  space to accommodate 2 bins. (Apparently this has been considered and  arrangements underway - smaller bins etc)
There is also a crackdown on garden rubbish disposal, for large amounts people can pay to obtain a large brown bin from Babergh to dispose of excessive garden waste The Chairman asked if the District council could once again help the Parish find a suitable site for a bottle-bank. Other points:

• There is a notice board available in the village Hall to identify any issues with the Hall to the Management Committee, if people who visit or use Hall notice something, this is a way of passing the communication to the Committee.

• Waste from Village Hall- it was noted and reported that sometimes bins not emptied and required follow up phone call - this would be checked out
• We have a new Community policewoman - P.C. Coombes
• E government - is this coming to the rural areas? - ongoing work at Babergh, obviously costs involved and will this engage more people from all age groups?

(Source: Nayland-With-Wissington Community Times)

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