Nayland with Wissington Calendars

Published by Nayland with Wissington Community Council
Registered Charity No 304926

  Photographic Competition.

For the 2018 Nayland with Wissington calendar.

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Copies of the 2017 Calendar are now available.
  The stunning photographs in the 2014 calendar provide a wonderful record of the parish as it is today. They represent the diverse activities in our active community and reflect the beauty of the village and its surrounding landscape.

In addition, an older image relating to each modern scene is included with historical notes by Wendy Sparrow, the Parish Recorder. Wendy has also included a history of  'A Year in the Life of the Village'.

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The Calendars and the Photographs

  A village calendar for Nayland with Wissington has been produced by the Community Council since 2010. Following a suggestion by Hazel Gardiner in 2008 a sub-committee was formed to bring the idea to fruition. Members of the committee for the first calendar were: Hazel Gardiner, Lorraine Brooks, Wendy Sparrow, Jenny Smith and Chris Hunt. More recently, Pat Bray and Trevor Smy joined the committee in place of Jenny Smith and Chris Hunt.

A photographic competition, open to anyone living or working in the parish, is held each May to generate the photographs for the twelve months and a front cover. For each month the modern photograph is accompanied by an older image and historical information.

The stunning photographs which have been entered in the competitions have made judging very difficult for the professional photographer requested to fulfil this task. The images have been excellent and such a superb reflection of our parish, its character and landscape.

All the entries are on display on the May Bank Holiday following judging, but it is felt that this is insufficient to do them justice so they have been included in the photo albums. Copies of these albums are available online - click on the images to view.

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