Nayland Village Hall Bookings Guidance

  Please observe the following points as it will help you and the unpaid volunteers who run the Hall.
  • Please ensure you have booked enough time to set up at the beginning and clearing up after your event.
  • Please make sure that your booking form and cheque is with the Bookings Secretary by the weekend before your event as the bookings are confirmed online and sent to the Treasurer and Caretaker early on Monday mornings.
  • If you have an alcohol licence form that must be signed off by the VHMC (Village Hall Management Committee) please ensure the Bookings Secretary receives the paperwork before the Committee meeting which is usually held on the first Monday of every month.
  • Please read through the "Terms and Conditions of Hire" and "Important Information for Hall Hirers" which includes all necessary information including where and how to collect keys etc.

If you would like your event advertised, please let the Bookings Secretary know.

If you wish to advertise your event in the Village Hall by displaying a banner along the A134 at either Caley Green or at the end of Horkesley Road then PRIOR PERMISSION must be obtained from the Nayland with Wissington Parish Council and a risk assessment completed.

Please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Debbie Hattrell for more information:
Tel: 01787 880935

If you have any further questions, please do contact the Bookings Secretary.

Thank you.

Jane Hastie
Bookings Secretary
On behalf of the VHMC
Tel: 0774 895 3175  

Bookings: Ms Jane Hastie,   Tel: 07748 953175
Caretaker: Mrs Y Spooner, Tel: 262691
These are PDF documents which can be viewed on line using the Adobe Reader - see link below.

- Terms and Conditions of Hire
- Important Information for Hall Hirers
- Hire Charges
- Booking Form
- Floor Plans
To make a booking:
  1. Read the documents: 'Conditions of Hire' and 'Hire Charges' listed above.

  2. Check the availability of the hall, meeting room or playing field.
    You can then make a provisonal booking online by using the "Add Booking" option on the "Availability" page.

  3. Complete the 'Booking Form' and send it with your cheque to the 'Bookings Secretary'.
If you have any queries, please contact the 'Bookings Secretary'.


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