Nayland with Wissington Calendar & Photo Competition: 26th-28th June 2020

Thank you to everyone who entered photographs; there is a wonderful selection for you to choose from. 

This year a number of the photographs entered do not strictly conform to the criteria of being ‘recognisable as being in Nayland or Wiston’.  However, this has been an exceptional year, one where our wildlife has played an important part in our lives so the criteria has been relaxed to allow these delightful images to be considered for inclusion for the 2021 Nayland with Wissington calendar.

The photographs have been split into categories for selection – please click on the links below to view each category. Make a note of the numbers of the 12 photographs you wish to vote for and email those numbers through to Lorraine at   before midnight on 28th June.


When selecting your favourite scenes please consider selecting from across the categories and consider different seasons are needed as well.  Ideally: 1 Wiston, 1 people & events, 1 street scenes & buildings,1 features, 2 nature & wildlife, 3 the river, 3 parish views.

The results of the most popular photographs, which will be included in the calendar, will be announced on 30th June.

Thank you all for taking part.


For the latest advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) please head to the NHS and Government information pages here:

All events at the Nayland Village Hall and Church Hall have been cancelled / postponed until further notice.

With the situation changing rapidly over the past few weeks Community spirit has prevailed in Nayland and Wiston.

Social Media

There are useful local social media groups which offer interesting and useful information including:  


As usual residents of our parish excelled themselves when an appeal was circulated for volunteers to assist those who may become isolated or in need to have a prescription collected, an errand run or some shopping; Their details were included in the Community Times.

Another method being used to help others in these troubled times is for willing volunteers to distribute help postcards to their friends and neighbours offering their help and giving their contact details. It is then up to the recipient to make contact should they wish to do so. 

The list of Nayland and Wiston volunteers and sheet of these postcards is here.

Bus Service: Colchester-Nayland-Sudbury - update 27 March

Chambers have introduced emergency timetables during COVID-19 effective from Saturday 28th March - see services 84 and 784 here.

On 17th January Chambers Buses announced on their website a consultation on a major reduction of bus service 84 and introduction of a new service 784. 

Bus Stops for the 784 Bus Service  

The additional temporary pair of bus stops for the new 784 bus service have now been installed on the A134 on Harpers Hill, Nayland - the South bound stop will be on the lay-by approximately at the end of the gardens of numbers 4 & 5 Harpers Hill.  The North bound stop will be diagonally opposite this lay-by further up the hill; alongside the Nags Corner wooden barn near the crossing islands on the A134.

The new timetable for the 84 and 784 service, which takes effect on 30th March, is hereThis is currently on hold during COVID-19
The group plan to meet again at the end of April to review usage of buses on this route.  This trial timetable will be put up by the bus stops and will be widely circulated in the villages. Details will also be found on the Chambers website.

The Effect of COVID-19 on the Local Bus Service

The effect of government instructions not to travel on the bus company revenue is very serious as volumes of passengers have dropped significantly on this route.  The Chief Executive of Go East Anglia has given this statement (17th March):

“Chambers is obliged to proceed with the new timetable from 30th March. We will endeavour to keep peak time journeys running to a school holiday schedule but there may be some planned cancellation of off-peak journeys as a consequence of a collapse in demand or shortage of staff”.

Concessionary bus passes can be used earlier during Coronavirus outbreak

The local authority working alongside its partners and bus companies, has revealed that it is extending its concessionary travel for those with elderly and disabled bus passes as supermarkets make special arrangements for exclusive early morning shopping times for these people. 

Suffolk County Council is allowing concessionary travel for those with elderly and disabled bus passes early in the morning (before 9.30am) as the coronavirus epidemic continues.

Previously, concessionary travel did not kick in until 9:30am after the morning rush-hour.

Community Council Meeting

Minutes of the virtual meeting held on 6th May are available here.

Dates for your Diary

Events at the Village Hall and Church Hall are currently suspended.
Further dates and details can be found in the Community Times

Community Times

The latest issue for June/July is now available here.

The deadline for receipt of copy (subject to space) for the August/September issue is 3pm on 20th July.  

Film: For those of you not on social media, or who simply missed it.... as promised in the Community Times, here is the link to a fabulous film featuring Nayland's wonderful scenery and wildlife which was filmed by a local resident, Sturat Howells.  Watching this is a real tonic.                 

Public Access Defibrillators     
in Nayland           

There are TWO Public Access Defibrillators now located in Nayland – on the outside wall of Nayland Fire Station and on the outside wall of Nayland Village Hall.

Please familiarise yourself with these locations and let your friends, family and neighbours know too.

Always dial 999 in an emergency, the call handler will know there is a defibrillator nearby and will provide the access code if needed.

‘Minutes matter’ when it comes to a sudden cardiac arrest. Public Access Defibrillators can save vital time whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive and can dramatically improve a person’s chances of survival when administered within a few minutes.

The History of Nayland & Wiston

Get Involved! Find out about some Nayland-based organisations.