Nayland Church Hall Bookings Guidance

Bookings: Mr Andrew Gowen, 01206 262534

To book the Church Hall:

  • Read the documents: Terms and Conditions of Hire and Hire Charges .
  • Check on the calendar that the Church Hall is free for the required date and time. You can then make a provisional booking online by clicking here.
  • Complete the Booking Form and send it with your cheque to the 'Bookings Secretary'. (Except regular users who are invoiced quarterly by the Bookings Secretary.)

If you would like your event advertised, please let the Bookings Secretary know.


This is the bookings page for the Church Hall.

If you wish to book the larger hall, please refer to the Village Hall pages.

If you have any queries, please contact the Bookings Secretary.

Thank you.

Bookings Secretary


These are PDF documents which can be viewed on line.