Nayland with Wissington Parish Council

Parish Council Documentation is available on our cloud drive. Please click here to access records of meeting, agendas, and other documents.

About Your Parish Council

About Nayland with Wissington Parish:  

The parish of Nayland with Wissington is in the district of Babergh and the parliamentary constituency of South Suffolk. It has a population of nearly 1,200 and is situated in the Dedham Vale, an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty on the River Stour, the boundary between Suffolk and Essex. It was bypassed in 1969 by the A134 which links Colchester, 6 miles south of Nayland, to Sudbury, 9 miles to the north of Nayland.   Nayland village and the adjoining rural hamlet of Wissington (these days usually called 'Wiston'), were originally two separate parishes. They were united in one civil parish in 1833 although the two ecclesiastical parishes remained separate.  

The Nayland with Wissington Parish Council was created in 1894 as a result of the Local Government Act of that year. The Council currently meets every second Wednesday in the month in the Committee Room of the Nayland Village Hall, Church Lane, Nayland, at 7.30 p.m. Church Lane is just off the High Street, opposite the White Hart. Details of the members of the Council as at February 2023 are shown below.   

URGENT:       Please note 2023 is an Election Year for the Parish Council.  The Elections took place in May.  

Areas of responsibility include Open Spaces,  Playing Fields and Fairfield Play Area, Allotments, Burial Ground and Streetlighting.   The Parish Council liaises with District and County Councils on Highways, Public Right of Way footpaths, Planning Applications and other services.      The Parish Council is the landowner and landlord of Nayland Village Hall and Playing Field managed by the Village Hall Management Committee.      

If you are over 18,  live or work in Nayland or Wiston or within three miles of the parish boundary, then you are eligible to be co-opted as a Parish Councillor.     If you would like to become more involved in your local community and council decisions about the management of services and areas of responsibility within Nayland and Wiston, please contact the Parish Clerk or a Parish Councillor for more information.    No previous experience is required, just enthusiasm for working in a team for the benefit of the community as a whole.     Training sessions for new councillors or for  specific topics such as Town and Country Planning or Finance are available.         

Name Position Address


Robin Thorogood Chair Newtons Farm, Wissington 07787 124998  
Gerry Battye Councillor 11 Elm Grove, Nayland, CO6 4LL 01206 262929 Email
Owen Brown Councillor     4 Stoke Road, Nayland CO6 4JD 07510 831562  
Laura Erith Councillor Old Maltings Farmhouse, Bures Road, Wiston CO6 4LZ 01206 262933  
Tricia Fuller Councillor 26 Laburnum Way, Nayland 01206 262662  
Dawn Harris Councillor - Vice Chair 12 Wiston Road, Nayland, CO6 4LT 01206 265177  
Samantha Treharne Councillor  17 Stoke Road, Nayland CO6 4JD 07984 009694  
Debbie Hattrell Clerk to Council 12 Doughton Road, Kelvedon, Colchester CO5 9RR 01376 425744 Email
Isabelle Reece District Councillor      
James Finch County Councillor Rose Cottage, Fen Street, Nayland, CO6 4HT 01206 262993 Email

Minutes are taken and will be available for viewing on our cloud-drive  following each meeting.  The monthly meeting Agenda will be published there and on Parish Council noticeboards.    

Other relevant public documents will be added from time to time.



Robin Thorogood
Tel: 07787 124998
Clerk to Council
Debbie Hattrell, 
Tel 01376 425744